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Support Our Cause

Behind every addiction there is pain and suffering for the entire family. From struggle, to stigma, to grief, and even loss. The addiction crisis is growing in our country and there are many of us who have close contact with the affects of addiction through our friends and family.  BUT, this isn't a losing battle.  

There are recovery and treatment facilities all over the country working to provide help to those suffering from this misunderstood, hidden disease.  Medical professionals who show empathy, give grace and provide support in helping the addict begin a sober, healthy life.  

Addiction has touched our family and many of our closest friends. Without non-profit treatment facilities, they may not have received the care they needed to live with this life-long disease.  This is why, we have chose to sponsor The Healing Place - Louisville, a local non-profit who currently houses over 700 men and women in the recovery process. 

We hope to provide multiple opportunities to fundraise through hygiene and clothing drives as well as via monetary donations.  Help us to give HOPE to this this suffering from this rising epidemic, HOPE to their families, and HOPE for our country. Stay tuned on our Facebook page for more ways you can help!